Meet Maiya

Hi, I’m Maiya Kenny ~ It’s pronounced May-a . . . like the month with an A on the end.

My life journey, with its highs and lows, challenges and learning, has made me the person I am today. I truly understand, and have the ability to connect with and free people from their yesterday so they can create the tomorrow they desire. We all deserve to be free from anxiety, depression, negative self talk, post traumatic stress ~ we deserve to live with confidence and happiness.

I provide a safe and nurturing environment for people to explore the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from living a life that is awesome!

I am passionate about sharing all I have learned. It is so exciting to see clients release themselves from issues that have been sabotaging their lives and it is so fulfilling for me to see them embrace change to live an empowered life, able to create abundance in all areas. My greatest teachers are my clients and students who trust me enough to share the most painful, vulnerable parts of their lives … and for that I am truly honoured and humbled.

I have had a very varied work life: trainee radiographer; swimming teacher; working in a school for children with intellectual disabilities; running a group home for adolescents with physical disabilities…  Over the years I have met some wonderful people and learnt some amazing things, about myself, the human condition and the world at large.

In 1995 I left fulltime employment to pursue a career in alternate therapies. My own personal journey has taken me on an interesting path; sometimes confronting, always challenging and finally liberating. Along the way I have studied and discovered things which I now incorporate into my work. I studied holistic counselling for two years and then completed a further course in psychosomatic and holistic counselling. I continue to study and read, as there is so much to learn and understand ~ and I love it!

I am the mother of four amazing adults whom I love and, what’s more, I really like as friends. It is an honour and a joy to have them in my life and the addition of the wonderful partners they have chosen to share their lives with, is an enormous bonus.

My husband and I have eleven beautiful grandchildren – 6 boys and 5 girls – who bring much love, light and laughter into our lives. We share our home with Rosie, a 5 year old toy poodle who also brings much love and joy!

“We are all here to experience what this life has to offer, and it is up to us how we choose to react to each and every one of those experiences. 

We can either react with joy or bitterness – the choice is always ours.”

– Maiya Kenny

I believe that the power to heal ourselves comes from within. Deep inside us we all know what it is that we need, what is best for us. I see my role as sharing the skills and the knowledge that I have gathered to assist others in their journey. I just hold up the lantern so that they are able to see the road ahead and are then able to decide which is the best path to take.

You can read more of my story by downloading my free e-book here. It really is short, you can read it while you’re having a cuppa!

I would be honoured to share your journey with you. I look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you soon. I wish you peace, light and joy along your life’s journey.

Love and Blessings,
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