Big lesson for me this week

When you feel like you’re pushing a huge large boulder up a very steep hill . . .


Because you’re going the wrong way!

It’s not meant to be that hard

I have told this to so many clients over the years but as happens sometimes we don’t take our own advice!

I had an idea, a plan

It was a beautiful vision

And I was fixated on what I had organised

I could see exactly how it was going to play out

But no matter how much I wanted it to happen, how much I organised it I couldn’t ‘get bums on seats’

Oh people weren’t saying they didn’t want to come, the opposite in fact when they said ‘I’d love to come to the next one’, ‘let me know when the next one is’, they were going to be away, had events on etc.

I wanted to scream at them ‘if I can’t get this one happening there won’t be a next one!’

When it became blatantly obvious to me that I was going to have to cancel because I didn’t have the numbers to cover the costs, I still didn’t want to ‘give in’.

I felt guilty for letting the people down who had booked, I was disappointed wondering why I couldn’t get it to happen,

I felt like I was giving up

What was I doing wrong?

Once I contacted everyone that was involved I had such a sense of relief, a sense of peace

And not 20 minutes later a post on Facebook gave me another alternative, a beautiful alternative!

And I laughed!

I realised what I had been doing

Since then other ideas have popped into my head

Many other fabulous variations

Once my head was emptied of ‘my’ vision all these other ideas were able to pop in

I was able to hear my intuition instead of blocking it out

Once I had stopped trying to make things happened the way I wanted I was open to so many other opportunities.

How often do you stay closed and focused on what you want instead of being open to your intuition?