Is this you??


Are you going through your life feeling like something is missing? You have everything you need; a job, kids, a loving husband, a house… you know you “should” be happy, but some part of the puzzle feels like it is missing.


You just don’t feel fulfilled in your life. Perhaps you are able to label these feelings as depression or anxiety, or you may just feel “blah” most the time and can’t be bothered to even find a label for it.


When you look around everyone else seems to have it all together and then you start to compare yourself to them. You don’t feel good enough, you feel different. You start judging yourself and feel alone.


Alone in that you have no one that you can REALLY talk to. Really say how you feel without being judged or criticized.


Maybe you feel angry but not sure why. That anger starts to play out with you yelling at the kids, being resentful of your husband or your mother. Maybe it’s their fault you feel like this?


And don’t even get me started on “you time”. How can you possibly have time for you when you’re juggling your work, family, your husband, the house AND the dog. You spend your life running around after everyone else, you’re needs aren’t being met… you may have even forgotten what your needs are.


Maybe all of the above stress is having a physical impact on you as well; you’re back has started to hurt, your shoulders aren’t as flexible, you have migraines or menstrual problems or you just lack energy and want to sleep all the time.


Have you kids grown up and the role of mother is no longer a primary focus for you? What now? What do you like to do?


Can you even remember what you like to do? It’s been such a long time since you’ve had a second to yourself and now that you do you feel alone, forgotten, sad.


Sound familiar?


We’ll I’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re not alone. There are 100’s of other women out there that are feeling just like you are and there is a way you can feel better.


My name is Maiya Kenny and I can teach you tools that will help you to feel more in control, help you realize that you do have choices in life, that you don’t have to keep going the way you are now.


I can’t give you a miracle pill that is suddenly going to make your life perfect and stop every “bad” thing from happening. But I can show you how you can move forward so that you aren’t impacted by other people’s thoughts and actions like you were before.


I can show you that there is another way of living and it’s fun, it’s joyful, it’s empowering and will bring happiness back into your world.


In my courses…


You’ll meet other women who you will be able to totally relate to. We don’t just squash down your feelings and tell you to live with them. We share them, we face them and we let them go so that we can feel lighter and ready to conquer the world.


This isn’t a counseling session; I don’t want you to remain dependant on me. I want you to step out of your story, to get better, to heal, to be happy. One of my clients once said: “You’ve done more for me in one session than years of counseling.”


When you attend one of my courses, you’ll feel like you’ve come home, like you’ve found your tribe, your family.


We have conversations that we can’t have with our families in a safe and non-judgmental space, allowing us to let go of the negativity that is holding us back.


When I teach, I share with you my authentic self. We laugh, we cry but best of all we learn a technique called ThetaHealing which is a tool you’ll take away to implement into your daily life to help you change.


Plus after you’ve attended one of my classes you become a part of the beautiful community that currently exists here at Healing Steps so that you have support moving forward and can keep the momentum of change going.


Sound good? Are you ready to join us for the next course? Click here to find out more details.


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