There really is no place like home

Travel. What a wonderful thing to do. Experiencing new places, tasting new cuisine and meeting new people gives us a completely different perspective on life. It broadens our minds and our world view. Hopefully making us more tolerant.

As an Australian the thing I find most fascinating about visiting all these places is how old everything is. In Australia a house that is 100years old is considered very old. Go to Europe or UK and there are things that are thousands of years old. My cousin’s house in Cornwell was built in the 18oo’s. We have houses in Australia that were built in the 1970’s that are falling down! I am in awe of the technology and craftsmanship that they employed centuries ago and amazed that the structures are still standing. When we were in Peru in 2010 we climbed all over Inca sites and some pre-Inca sites, huge rocks that were stacked on top of each other with no mortar to hold them together. I was very humbled by how small I felt in the scheme of things. We think we are so very clever now with all our technology.

As fascinating, awe inspiring and interesting as it was to travel the world, it is so good to be home. I am so pleased with the house that I manifested eight years ago, as the sun streams in on this cold winter morning. I live in a beautiful part of the world on the south coast of NSW. I live in a country that is not at war. I live in a country where I am not always looking over my shoulder to see if I have offended someone by my looks, my  religion, my skin colour, my ancestors. I am home with my children, my grandchildren …and my beautiful loving Rosie. So much to be grateful for ~ and I am.