ThetaHealing® Courses FAQ’s


Who can do a ThetaHealing® course?

Anyone who is interested can do a ThetaHealing® course. There are no pre-requisites to do the Basic course. It is simple to learn and simple to use. You would do a course if you were wishing to expand your personal or spiritual growth; wanting to learn the skills that a ThetaHealing® course would give you; wanting to use it with the modalities you are currently using in your work; or wanted to follow the path to become a ThetaHealing® practitioner  as a career choice.

This is an excellent course for beauty therapists, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, teachers … it would give anyone added skills they would enhance whatever occupation they have.

Can I use ThetaHealing® on myself?

The ThetaHealing® technique is very easy to learn. After completing the 3 day Basic course you will learn how to access a theta state and be able to perform a healing on either yourself or others.

How do I prepare for a ThetaHealing® course?

No preparation is required, the only criteria is that you have a good night’s sleep and are relaxed and wearing comfortable clothes. We do ask you to come with an open mind and be prepared for a fun and informative few days that will expand your mind and transform your life.

How do I become a qualified ThetaHealing® practitioner?

Once you have completed the Basic ThetaHealing® DNA course you are qualified as a practitioner. However it is recommended that you complete the Advanced course as this will further enhance your healing & intuitive skills as well as improve your ability to perform more powerful and faster healings. Regular practise of the technique and attending Practise Groups will also enhance your abilities as a qualified Theta Healer.

Do you provide ongoing support after I complete a ThetaHealing® course?

Healing Steps provides ongoing support through our regular Practise Groups. Information for these is given at each of the courses.